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Foreign language learning for young and very young children

Before thinking why Spanish students have to study English in Infant Education, the question should be: Why is English so important in our lives? Because nowadays, English has become the International language, spoken worldwide.
After this explanation, I would like to enumerate the advantages of introducing a foreign language to young or very young learners.
Firstly, children’s ability to enjoy learning. If teachers motivate English learning in their students, young students will be able to learn voluntarily. Teachers should try to make it as much fun as possible, by singing, playing and doing meaningful activities.
If young students learn something by having fun and enjoying it, it will be easier and more positive for them.
Secondly, young children’s aptitude and ease to learn. The younger you start learning a language, the easier it will be to learn it. For instance, it is not the same to start learning English for a child as for an adult and the difficulty and the results will vary.

Turning to disadvantages, it is difficult to find any, however there are people against learning English as a foreign language in Infant Education. They think another language can confuse young children.

Of course, I am in favour of starting to learn English as a foreign language as soon as possible. It is obvious, the sooner you start, the better you will learn.
I am convinced CLIL projects, ICT and other projects will be positive to improve English skills ( speaking, writing, listening, reading ). Although there were not any of these projects when I was a child, I learnt a lot of vocabulary and verbs, singing and playing. I can still remember some of the songs I learnt 20 years ago.
Being conscious of the importance of English in our lives, we should ask politicians about the bad results of English in Compulsory Education and the measures to be taken.

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