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A trick of the Twits
One week after Ms Twit came ballooning down, she was still plotting how to take revenge on him. Her husband had gone too far. She was horribly angry and very furious. She realized that her husband wanted to lose sight of her. But Ms Twit was very smart.
Just like every morning, she went to the garden and talked to the monkeys. From now on, there is no more upside down practice she told them, you are going to start digging, digging for a grave.
On Tuesdays Mr. Twit used to go out of the house to smear the Big Dead Tree with his special glue to hunt the poor birds. On Wednesdays he used to pick them up from the tree. That was the day Ms Twit chose to start her plan. As she had perfectly calculated, it took five days to the monkeys to dig a huge deep hole in the earth. It was located just two meters far from the Big Dead Tree, but on its way. Once the monkeys had finished their job, the little old witch spread some branches on the floor. They made a perfect trap.
During those days, Mr. Twit apologized to his wife for his behavior and she accepted it as if nothing had happened. That reaction put him on red alert. What the hell was she thinking about? I must prepare myself, something very bad is coming. That Tuesday, Mr. Twit had a bad feeling. Today is the day, he thought.

Before he went to the tree, he stood in the pond and caught several frogs. He knew they were Ms Twit strongest fear. Then he went back to the house, while Ms Twit was with the monkeys, he set all the frogs free inside the house. He closed the door, took the ladder and went straight to the Big Dead Tree. That was the moment Ms Twit had been waiting for. The time passed very slowly. Suddenly the horrible man disappeared in front of her. A few tears started running down on her face, then a lot more. She couldn't stop crying with happiness. She remembered that she had a camera, where could it be? She thought. Inside the house. She went to get it and as soon as she opened the door, thousands of frogs were jumping against her body (in fact they were just trying to escape from that dry place). That was too much for her, she was terrified and her heart stopped pumping for a few seconds. She totally freaked out, she ran and ran and felt into the hole.
Incredible, that was the first time in their lives, they had played a trick on each other at the same time. They were very annoyed, because they had drawn. At that point, the Twits had to join forces and get out of there. The wife climbed on her husband's shoulders and reached the surface. Once out of the hole, she threw a rope to Mr. Twit and helped him to get out. From that day, they only played tricks on the rest of the mortals, but not on each other.

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